Xcom 200 week 2 listening barriers

Which of the following is characteristic of high cultural intelligence? How do individualists differ from collectivists? Individualists value obligation over choice, unlike collectivists Collectivists see themselves as distinct from their family members, unlike individualists Individualists prefer direct communication, unlike collectivists. Collectivists network in temporary Which of the following is a feature of low performance societies?

Xcom 200 week 2 listening barriers

The paper must include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Twenty-four hours after you hear a speech, aclass lecture, or a sermon, you have forgotten more than half of what was said.

And it gets worse.


In another twenty-four hours, you have forgotten half of what you remembered,so you really remember only a quarter of the lecture.

Interpersonal listening skills may be even worse.

Xcom 200 week 2 listening barriers

When you listen to a speech or lecture, you have a clearly defined listening role; one person talks and you are expectedto listen. But in interpersonal situations, you may have to alternate quickly betweenspeaking and listening.

This takes considerable skill and concentration. Often you arethinking of what you want to say next, rather than listening.

Beebe, I can remember when I use to work for White Castles. I was working there at the time for I want to say about 3 years. One of the District supervisors liked the way I was handling business with the customers getting them in and out.

So, one day he told me that he wanted to make me an Instructor.

I had to go to a class almost everyday for orientation. I was told to take notes as the teacher was giving the presentation.

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I took notes to the best of my ability, but at the same time my mind was on something else. I had to listen to everything that was said and that was demonstrated.

Xcom 200 week 2 listening barriers

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Xcom Checkpoint Troublesome Listening Barriers