Write an article on indian culture

Select Page Indian Culture Essay Culture of India indicates the ideas, beliefs, customs, and social behaviour of people in the society. It indicates the way people live in the society. Long and Short Essay on Indian Culture in English India is a country of rich culture where people of more than one religious cultures lives together. Hello students, we have provided some simple and easily worded Essay on Indian Culture.

Write an article on indian culture

Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction The Thanksgiving holiday season is a time when Indian history and culture are frequently discussed in the schools. Unfortunately, the information and materials available to teachers are often incomplete or stereotyped in their presentation.

For example, some commercially- produced bulletin board posters depict Plains-style Indians with feather warbonnets, tipis in the background, and horses tied nearby, sitting down to dinner with the Pilgrims.

write an article on indian culture

While these images are popular, they do not accurately represent the unique culture of the New England tribes, whose lifestyle was quite different than that of the Plains Indian stereotype. In addition, some books make brief mention of the critical assistance given by the Indians to the Pilgrims and tend to leave readers with the mistaken impression that all participants at the Thanksgiving feast remained friends for many years to come.

This unit provides additional information about the Indians of the North-east culture area where the first Thanksgiving took place.

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It includes art projects and other activities teachers can use for expanding and enriching their instruction. It is hoped that these materials will enable teachers to better portray the events surrounding the first Thanksgiving. It is hoped you will also read the foregoing material which contains much important historical information.

This was written by a teacher who is also an Indian, for Teachers, with additions by his principal and other teachers. The following is his story for Students, followed by suggestions for enactment and enrichment projects.

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The Wampanoags were part of the Algonkian-speaking peoples, a large group that was part of the Woodland Culture area. These Indians lived in villages along the coast of what is now Massachusetts and Rhode Island. They lived in round- roofed houses called wigwams. These were made of poles covered with flat sheets of elm or birch bark.

Wigwams differ in construction from tipis that were used by Indians of the Great Plains.

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The Wampanoags moved several times during each year in order to get food. In the spring they would fish in the rivers for salmon and herring. In the planting season they moved to the forest to hunt deer and other animals.

After the end of the hunting season people moved inland where there was greater protection from the weather. From December to April they lived on food that they stored during the earlier months.

The basic dress for men was the breech clout, a length of deerskin looped over a belt in back and in front. Women wore deerskin wrap-around skirts.

Long and Short Essay on Indian Culture in English

Deerskin leggings and fur capes made from deer, beaver, otter, and bear skins gave protection during the colder seasons, and deerskin moccasins were worn on the feet. Both men and women usually braided their hair and a single feather was often worn in the back of the hair by men.

They did not have the large feathered headdresses worn by people in the Plains Culture area.The name Nigeria was suggested by British journalist Flora Shaw in the s.

She referred to the area as Nigeria, after the Niger River, which dominates much of the country's landscape. Indian Culture and Tradition Introduction: The fabric of Indian culture is woven with customs and tradition.

write an article on indian culture

Tradition, if followed in the right perspective can never be a hindrance to progress unless orthodoxy creeps in and a person is shackled with obstinacy. timberdesignmag.com, is a non-commercial site, wherein I attempt to collect and provide information on topics relating to Indian music, dance, painting, sculpture, Gods, temples, architecture, arts, crafts, traditions, customs in my spare time.

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