Lord of the flies hook or brook essay

Although it was not a great success at the time—selling fewer than three thousand copies in the United States during before going out of print—it soon went on to become a best-seller. It has been adapted to film twice in English, in by Peter Brook and by Harry Hookand once in Filipino

Lord of the flies hook or brook essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In this essay I will be comparing the scene of death of Piggy in three different texts, the novel itself and the two films created by Peter Brooke and Harry Hook.

William Golding has maybe used it in the context of the Second World War to give this novel the base that these upper-middle class boys have become stranded on the island due to their evacuation from Britain.

This symbolises the link with WWII right from the start of the film. This shown in the way Hook has used American military cadets instead of middle-class English schoolboys. This version of the film was more for audience value than to be closely related to the book.

The two films are very easy to compare to one another as they are shot in a completely different way using different effects to enhance the mood they want to convey. Also the twins are carrying spears and guiding Piggy who cannot see, therefore they are very susceptible to attack by the savages.

The way that Brook shows the boys walking to Castle Rock instantaneously shows that something is going to happen. The main feature at the beginning is the boys walking slowly alone, along a beautiful coastline.

You cannot at first depict the faces of each boy because of the long shot taken. They four boys are looked down upon by the camera with the raging sea and large rocks around, enhancing the effect of them being small, weak and insignificant. In comparison to this, the Hook version shows the scene to be more religious and sacrificial due it being shown in brighter lights, losing the darkness of the surroundings.

This is contradictory to the way the boys have been shown throughout the whole of this version. The background noise is that of choral singing instead of crashing, menacing waves.

Also it is only Ralph and Piggy that approach Castle Rock, and Piggy is wearing his cadet uniform and appearing to have no problems with sight. This shows all the boys as being equals and the feeling of savagery and inequality is lost.

Both films have shown the general idea of the book, but both leave out some points, maybe to enhance the amount it appeals to the audience, which is what films are for. In the novel written by Golding he helps to bring understanding to this part of the book by briefly reflecting on what has happened on the island previously.

He shows that reader how a beautiful island or place can be affected by the people their and the society they create for themselves. This reflects Goldings view on human nature, as he believes that deep down we are all evil.

When Jack and Ralph meet at castle Rock there is immediate conflict between them due to their differences in opinion on how the island should be run. In all three texts the boys are displayed as arguing from the beginning and this cause a build up of tension as each text had already shown that a fight might occur.

Also as Ralph is only trying to do the right thing the audience feel a strong emotion of concern for him as Jack is supposed to be much bigger and stronger than him. The main scene of their conflict, being the fight, is also portrayed quite similarly in each text.

This puts a look of vulnerability on Ralph and as he is the supposed hero it fills the audience with feelings of anxiety for their hero. Also he wears his mask, like in the book, which makes his savage and barbarous side seem much more sinister.

I would say that the main features of the fight are similarly depicted in each text as you can see the anger and tension build up as well as the loss of society.

Lord of the flies hook or brook essay

Not that Jack needed much provoking.Comparative Essay: Leadership Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm Words | 5 Pages. Comparative essay: Leadership in Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm Essay question: You are required to write a comparative essay.

You should compare one aspect of the . In the next shot we see the title credits “Lord Of The Flies” on a silver and black background. And just like the Peter Brook version the letters stand out from the black background. We hear jaunty music drums, violins and flutes it has a very Irish jig feel to it, which in my opinion creates a .

This question is presented through symbolism in the novel by William Golding, "Lord of the Flies." The novel has been adapted into two films, one released in by director Peter Brook, and a second film released in , by director Harry Hook.

In whichever form of the story, many interpretations of this eternal question are examined. In my point of view one of the best novels you can study for GCSE English is ‘Lord of The Flies’ by William Golding. But I’m not just talking about the book I’m going to talk about the films, Peter Brook’s black and white film and Harry Hook’s American style film made in and how they both differ from each other and the book.

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