Diesel brand personality

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Diesel brand personality

Yet, the promotional effort is effective in pooling a group of niche market segments that embrace individualism and rebellion.

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Viewing this as an opportunity, Diesel related its brand values with lifestyle concerns such as obesity, violence, and many others that young adults face in their everyday life.

These product lines are able to cater to consumers of different ages and income range, aiding the brand in expanding its market exposure.

Therefore, Diesel should focus on franchising to more retailers in Asia, which could aid with offsetting losses in Europe and American through gains in the territory. E-commerce platform is another alternative for Diesel to communicate its brand values to potential market segments in Asia that are Diesel brand personality inclined towards collectivism behaviours.

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Nevertheless, this strategic marketing plan should be monitored for any shifts in the external environment, in order to ensure that Diesel retains its competitive advantage. Currently, the brand has two product lines known as: Diesel and Diesel Black Gold Diesel, Alternatively, it offers clothing for kids under the brand name Diesel Kid.

In yearDiesel offered Russ Togs Inc. Yet, its American licensee Russ Togs Inc. As a result of Russ Togs Inc. To Diesel brand personality expand outside of Italy, Diesel established its first significant retail fashion website that comprised of images of each of its collections.

Nevertheless, inthe company continued to progress with the trend by opening flagship retail stores also known as Diesel Style Labs throughout various notable locations such as New York City, San Francisco, Rome, London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Paris Diesel, Other than that, it developed mono-brand stores for the company to strengthen its point of sales in department stores and other multi-brand retail stores.

As ofthe company had 5, point of sales across 8 countries with mono-brand Diesel stores. Among these stores, Diesel directly owned of them while the remaining stores were owned by franchisees Spender, As a result, Diesel supports the idea that every ordinary individual is capable of dressing uniquely and still becoming a part of a lifestyle community Diesel, Hence, it is vital to note that Diesel does not recruit models to endorse its promotional campaigns, rather it hires ordinary individuals as shown in Appendix 1.

The brand does not merely sell clothes for profit, but it enriches consumers with a lifestyle experience; for instance, Diesel uses aging, obesity, violence, and religion in its marketing campaigns for audiences of ages with the idea of storytelling.

Diesel brand personality

Thus, it can be recognised that the company is associating its values with more intelligent and articulate consumers who purchase lifestyle rather than solely on fashion trend Sigalas et al. To achieve this goal, the brand incorporated that the premium price for Diesel products are not attributed to the premium quality that is already present.

However, the high price is the result of the carefree and fun lifestyle experience that is shared by Diesel in its marketing campaigns. Pepe Jeans, a British-based company had been able to gain attention from consumers of ages Posner, As their income can range from low to high-income classes, they are able to purchase products from Diesel, Diesel Kid, and Diesel Black Gold.

However, as these group of consumers are fashion-oriented, they are more willing to spend on items that they believe are good value for money. Therefore, with similar income range with the target market, a one-off transaction from market segment B may be of higher profit sales than the ones by market segment A.

Customer Pen Portrait 11 Target Customer: Rebellious, carefree, young, individualistic Gender: Low to high Position: Outdoors sports athletes, artists, students, and musicians Lifestyle: Do not adapt to mainstream fashion trend, bikers, adventurous, seeks fun and vacation breaks Also buying: Diesel Black Gold is the luxury ready-to-wear line that was launched incontradicting its norm product line known as Diesel Diesel, Other than developing its own products, Diesel is constantly collaborating with the likes of Adidas and Ducati to create a new sporty product line and helmets respectively as shown in Figure 3 below.

Products made in collaborations As can be observed, the brands that Diesel collaborate with have values that are similar to the company; for instance, Ducati positions itself as offering fun and rebellious customer experience in terms of its sports bikes, leather jackets, and helmets Diesel, While for Adidas, the brand embeds young, fun, and carefree values within consumers.

Therefore, as shown in Figure 4, prices for its Diesel, Diesel Kid, and accessories are in the competitive range. In addition to that, the competitive prices are attributed to its strategy to outsource the production to local or foreign companies with strict supervision in order to maintain the consistency of its product quality Porter and Kramer, This price range allows Diesel to compete in the mass market of the fashion industry where economies of scale can be achieved.

Once Diesel is successful in reaching out to its target market in the public, marketing campaigns that embed the brand values would prove to be more effective in retaining a loyal customer base.

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Therefore, the balance between selling low volume of premium products and high volume of average-priced products would aid in offsetting any declines in either market segments. Price Architecture Diesel accessories — Sunglasses, belts, wallets, etc.

Other than that, it has been attempting to expand its online operations through establishments of online stores worldwide and social media accounts to market its products while interacting with consumers as shown in Appendix 2.

Retail stores are utilised to effectively communicate its brand values to all market segments in order to create a loyal customer base Leitner, However, it is a challenge for Diesel to This quiz tells you what diesel truck you are.

Nov 27,  · Dear readers, Today we are going to analysis the brand identity prism for Diesel. Please take a look at the following picture: Cheers!

Diesel brand personality

Yufei 😊 Sources. Diesel is an Italian fashion brand, best known for its tongue-in-cheek take on the industry in a bid to appeal to a millennial audience. Acknowledged as a pioneer in the world of denim and casual wear and never forsaking its original DNA, Diesel has evolved into an iconic global lifestyle brand.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Model Brand Positioning In relation to Brand Value, this segment would focus on Diesel’s price level and brand awareness in comparison to its denim competitors such as Levi’s, Replay, and Pepe Jeans in Figure 2.

As of , the company had five thousand points of sale across eighty countries, with mono-brand Diesel stores. Diesel itself owns of those, with the rest owned by franchisees. Turnover was over € billion in , and by the company had over stores. DIESEL is more than a brand, it is an alternative lifestyle.

Wear DIESEL and you will have all you need for successful living: you will belong to a positive and hedonistic community which cultivates irony and unconventionality and provides an escape from everyday reality.

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