Barney and the habs

The county is in the Lebanon metro area.

Barney and the habs

A new home for me, my dog Barney and my Mom. Who knew it would end up being one of the best things to happen to me; baseball — wise.

This Barney and the habs no ordinary match. It was a monumental game for baseball. A historic day for the Expos, Montreal and Canada. It was an exciting time to be a fan!

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Are you kidding me? Most of these players have since been elected into the Hall of Fame and Lynn and Fisk were two of my favorite players growing up.

It was hard not to be a fan of our neighbors to the South. Although they lost to the Dodgers the year before on a season- ending home run by Rick Monday in the Eastern final — the team was filled with stars.

Old and new … Gary Carter was selected as a starter behind the plate. Oliver would have started yet Pete Rose was the nostalgic choice. Tickets to the game were not going to be easy to obtain and if a fan was lucky enough- behind the scoreboard,just below the pigeons was the seat of choice.

On the day of the move — I encountered a very big man in the hallway of my building.

Barney and the habs

He weighed lbs or more and was over six- foot tall. What I remember most of the man was a he always wore a fedora b he had a huge moustache and c he was forever sweating. He frightened me every time I saw him.

I was always polite as to not upset my Mom yet I just wanted to turn and run the other way every time I lay witness to his presence. Very bad for my dreams.

The giant, it turned out — was a sportswriter.

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Very good for my dreams. A brief battle occurred in my brain over these matters and the sports fan inside managed to KO the scared kid who shook on the outside.

The next time I saw the man — instead of turning my head in fear, I smiled fertilely and held my hand out for him to crush.

His gigantic paws were as gentle as a strong wind as he introduced himself as the one, the only — Al Wolfe. For this reason — the behemoth knew of my love for baseball and hockey. In the next week,incredulous to anyone who knew of my fear, Al, Barney and I became an unlikely threesome.

A trio glued by the absence of a father figure and our matching love for baseball Barney was hot and cold — depending on who was playing. Al had a job in the Olympic stadium. I had a job flipping burgers at the Wendys restaurant across the street.

I wanted his job — he wanted my burgers. He was an American. It would have been wrong of me to not milk this tree for all the baseball sap within. All Stars During the course of our discourse one evening, the subject of the All — Star game arose like a flower atop an unpainted table. A thing of beauty, a collection of talent which made the hungriest scout in the tiniest town drool with envy.

Al told me eye- witness accounts of some of the players who would make their way to the artificial turf of the Olympic stadium.

He told me facts, details the average fan would never know. Al told tales of Chicago native Fred Lynn driving in 10 RBIs in his rookie season and adding an astounding his sophomore summer. The biggest jump in the history of the game. He would inform me that Rod Carew will be playing in his 15th straight All — Star game and that Bobby Grich set a major league record in with a then high.

Grich broke his own record in with a. Al knew everything and I wanted to know more.Blake Barney: late race exit from Musket If you play fantasy sports, get breaking news and immerse yourself in the ultimate fan experience. Allan Stanley's NHL career endured more ups and downs than a carnival ride.

Bill (the town's fire chief), was the brother of Hall of Famer Barney Stanley, who mentored the aspiring hockey player. performer, and he helped lead the Bruins to the final once again, and again, facing the Montreal Canadiens.

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The Habs were in the midst of a. Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund Proposals Received. For the FY and FY biennium (July 1, - June 30, ), approximately $59 million* is available each year for funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. Barney's Version () Movie Script.

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